Mission: To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve God's beloved Poor in fidelity to the Church.
We work primarily in Haiti, especially in Anse-à-Veau. Our work so far includes:

  • feeding hungry children

  • assisting with student tuitions

  • taking care of a handicapped priest, providing a job for two assistants

  • helping those with medical needs

  • Intervening in deliverance ministry

  • Helping to sustain a missionary community including families, youth, religious and clergy!

  • church and rectory repair

  • helping with the operations of the Cathedral of Saint Anne's in Anse-à-Veau

  • sponsoring outdoor missions

  • paying the local contribution to obtain a vehicle for the parish

Partners in Mission: 

Haiti180 : Loving the God and the poor through giving a family and home to orphans and the elderly, building and running a school, building and running a health clinic!

Lifeteen Missions: Haiti at the JPII Center: Leading Teens closer to Christ by serving youth ministry needs of the Diocese of Anse-à-Veau and Miragoâne through relational ministry, missionary formation, youth ministry formation and running a welcoming formation and retreat center for the diocese.

Saint Dominic Catholic Church: Sister Parish in Panama City, Fl to Saint Anne’s Cathedral in Anse-a-Veau.