What is a Mission Associate?:

A Mission Associate is a missionary who believes in Mission to the Beloved’s mission, and works hard to further the mission from at a distance through using the gifts that the Lord has given him or her. This can be done in many ways such as:

  • Organizing fundraisers

  • Setting up peer to peer campaigns

  • Organizing mission groups

  • Collecting organizing and shipping donations

  • Establishing mission intercessors

  • Making connections with other parishes and institutions.

  • Social Media and Promotion

What is required of a Mission Associate?:

  1. Love for the mission

  2. Having spent a least a week in Haiti with Mission to the Beloved.

  3. Doing the work on a continual basis.

  4. Be willing to commit to an Mission Associate’s retreat every other which will held in Haiti.

  5. Prays for and makes regular financial contribution to the mission.

If you are interested in becoming a Mission Associate please contact us at